FIDE Congress

FIDE Congress

Jul 31 - Aug 9 2022

August 7 - General Assembly/Elections

2022 FIDE Congress Schedule – 8 August, Monday

Dear Congress Participants!
Please accept important information for to provide your departure from Chennai!

If you have international departure:
1) As recommended by airport authorites and AICF – you will need to be at the airport 3 hours before your flight departure time
2) Drop off zone – nearly GATE 4 on departure of International terminal
3) On gate 4 there will be a provided dedicated lane on entrance to the terminal with volounteers, which will be duty on drop-off zone (please feel free to contact them yourselves if you are not met in person)
4) Airport authorities must organize a dedicated lane at the terminal (dedicated registration counters, dedicated passport control counters and custom control)

If you have domestic departure:
1) As recomendated airport authorites and AICF – need that you will be at the airport before 2 hours of your flight departure time

2) Drop of zone – nearly GATE 4 on departure of Domestic terminal
3) On gate 4 will be to provide dedicated lane on entrance at the terminal with volounteers, which will be duti on drop-of zone (please feel free to contact them yourself if you are not met in person)
4) Airport authorities must be to orginize dedicated lane at the terminal (dedicated registration counters, dedicated passport control counters and custom control).

Estimated time with hotels to the airport (based on pick times of city traffic):

Day (from 7:00 to 23:00)
From Leela to the Airport – up to 60 min
From Sheraton, Four Points, Radisson and other with Mahabalipuram – up to 90 min

Night (from 23:00 to 7:00)
From Leela to the Airport – up to 30 min
From Sheraton, Four Points, Radisson and other with Mahabalipuram – up to 75 min

Please planning your departure in advance to avoid problems!


Registration of the Congress participants (Delegates, Council Members, FIDE Management, Commission Members) is the same as for the teams. The Congress participants may register from 5th May to 27th May 2022 through the official registration system of the Olympiad.

To make the contact between the organizers and the federations easier, the Organizing Committee asks the Federations to nominate only one person in charge of the registration procedure, who will register all the federation's participants, their accompanying persons and Congress participants.

The link to the registration system and detailed explanations will be available on the official website of the Olympiad: under the section: “Registration”.

As for the Delegates, late registration is eligible if the Delegate has been changed according to Article 3.6 of the Electoral Rules.

The questions regarding the registration for the FIDE Congress should be addressed to Mr. Sandeep Singh at: and to FIDE Office at:

The Congress participants will be able to obtain their accreditation cards in the Accreditation Center located in the Hotel Leela Palace.

No participants, accompanying persons or delegates will be accepted to the Olympiad and the FIDE Congress without having passed the registration through the official system. No accreditation will be given to them as well.

No official participants of the Olympiad and the FIDE Congress are to be charged for registration.

The registration fee is 100 Euro per person for accompanying persons. This fee covers the accreditation and transportation costs during the whole Olympiad and the FIDE Congress in Chennai.

Please note, that the payment to CCOOC should be done via bank transfer during 28th April - 27th May 2022. Bank details will be communicated to the Federations through the invoices, received from the Organizers.

No VISA is required for citizens of Bhutan and Nepal to travel to India. Foreign nationals possessing an Overseas Citizen of India card or a Persons of Indian Origin Card are exempt from visa requirements and may live and work in India without any limit of stay. Nationals of Maldives do not need visas to enter India for stays of up to 90 days (unless arriving from China).

Nationals of Japan, South Korea & UAE (only for such UAE nationals who had earlier obtained e-Visa or regular/paper visa for India) holding ordinary passports may apply for a visa on arrival (VOA) at Chennai Airport (This facility is also available at- Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru & Hyderabad airports).

For more details please visit:

Citizens of other countries need to apply for an E-Visa or regular visa at Indian Embassies/High Commission. You can find the details in the following links:

Organizing Committee will extend visa invitation to the Congress participants as per the registration details. You are required to submit the information in the visa portal before 27/06/2022 in order to avoid any complications connected with visa security procedures.

In case of any question regarding the visa procedures, please contact the visa support team of the Organizing Committee via the following e-mail:

The welcome service and transportation from and to the Chennai International Airport will be provided free of charge by the Organizing Committee. Please provide us with the arrival details in the registration system of the Olympiad and the FIDE Congress through the official website:

The Olympiad and Congress Information desks will be located at the luggage claim zone where the participants can get the information and assistance from the Organizers in case of necessity.

Please note that the organizers don't bear any responsibility for lost luggage. Participants taking connecting flights should foresee the possibility of a lost luggage and take some belongings in their cabin luggage.
Participants should inform nevertheless the organizers at the Airport Help Desk about lost luggage to allow them to bring the luggage to the hotels once it arrives.


The delegates to the Congress and other Congress participants (FIDE Council Members, Zonal Council Members, FIDE Management Board members, Commission Members) will be accommodated in the Leela Palace Hotel Chennai (or other official Congress Hotel) on a full board basis free of charge in single rooms, or in their teams’ hotels upon their request. Therefore, the accommodation in the same hotel as the national team is possible, but the transport to and from the Congress venue won’t be provided by the Organizers.

The delegates and the Zonal Council Members will be accommodated on a full board basis free of charge in single room for the whole duration of the Congress.

Other Congress participants, if they are not part of a team, or have another function not entitling them to a free accommodation, should cover by themselves their accommodation cost. Payment should be made in advance by bank transfer. Details of hotels and prices will be available at the official website of the Olympiad and the FIDE Congress under the section: “Accommodation”.

The upgrade fees and the accompanying persons’ accommodation fees payment must be made between 28 April to 27 May 2022 via a bank transfer.

A double occupancy and food supplement of Euros 90 per person and per night should be covered by the Congress participants if they are coming with an accompanying person sharing their room. Please note that for delegates who register for the Congress for particular dates, and then change their participation dates without informing the organizers, the accommodation won’t be guaranteed.

In case of any questions regarding accommodation, please contact our accommodation team via the following e-mail:, copied to FIDE Office at:


FIDE Commissions will have their meetings during the FIDE Congress in Hotel Leela Palace in Chennai. The Organisers offer free accommodation in single rooms, with a full board for up to 10 people per Commission for a period of three nights. The Chair and Commission’s Coordinator decide on whom to invite to the offline meeting, based on Agenda and topicality of the meeting. FIDE Office will coordinate the Agenda and schedule meetings of the FIDE Commissions taking into consideration the availability of premises and requests of the Commissions.
Travel expenses of the invited commissions members will be will be covered on a basis of a roundtrip economy class air tickets to India from the country of origin.


The delegates and the Zonal Council Members are eligible for travel subsidy on the same principles as described in the paragraphs 1 and 2 below.

1) Development Level 3, 4 and 5 federations will have their travel to Chennai subsidized up to the following limits: – for federations in Africa – 1,000 euros per person (12,000 euros for full team*) – for federations in Americas – 1,500 euros per person (18,000 euros for full team*) – for federations in Asia – 500 euros per person (6,000 euros for full team*) – for federations in Europe – 750 euros per person (9,000 euros for full team*) – for federations in Oceania – 1,500 euros per person (18,000 euros for full team*)

FIDE Treasurer may at her own discretion to increase the amount of travel subsidy for certain federations taking into account their particular circumstances.
* Note: Full teams means 12 persons – Open and Women teams each comprised 5 players and captain.

** Note: The development levels of the federation are listed here: FIDE Development Levels –

2) In exceptional circumstances, Development Level 1 and 2 federations may apply for travel subsidies. Valid reasons for such applications may be remote location (and therefore very expensive tickets), poor economic situation in a country (as evidenced by per capita GDP significantly lower than the world’s average and other relevant economic indicators), etc. Such applications will be reviewed and decided by FIDE Treasurer on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule, the travel subsidy limits for Development Level 1 and 2 federations are 50% of the limits stipulated in paragraph 1 for the respective continents. FIDE Treasurer at her own discretion may decide to provide lower or higher subsidies depending on particular circumstances of the federations in question.

All communications on this matter (applications for travel subsidies, expense reports, etc.) shall be send to FIDE Office email with a copy to


All the delegation members arriving for FIDE Congress 2022 will be medically insured by the organizers. All are requested to wear mask, ensure social distancing and hand sanitization.

Further, all are required to register at Air Suvidha Portal ( before commencement of their journey.

Fully vaccinated persons are exempted from submitting RT PCR test report.


A call center will be operating two months before the start of the Olympiad, just after the closing of the registration system. Please note that the preferred way to contact the organizers will still be by email. The Organizers request that federations use the call center only in case of strict necessity or emergencies.
Phone number: +91-8100003030
Working hours (GMT+5.30): 10:00 -18:00.
Hotline will be operational 24/7 during the Olympiad and the FIDE Congress.


The Football match schedule on the free day!

09:00 – 09:30 Gathering and warm up

09:30 – 10:00 Match 1 (T1vsT2) and Match 2 (T4vsT5)

10:10 – 10:40 Match 3 (T2vsT3) and Match 4 (T5vsT6)

10:50 – 11:20 Match 5 (T1vsT3) and Match 5 (T4vsT6)

11:30 – 12:00 Final (First team Group A vs First team Group B)

3rd place game (Second team Group A vs Second team Group B)

12:00 – 12:30 Award ceremony


We are very pleased to invite all teams and officials of the 44th Chess Olympiad, as well as FIDE Congress delegates to the very awaited Bermuda Party!

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* Continents shall decide and inform the FIDE Office on the order and date of the Continental and Zonal elections.